martha vahl

Martha has for many years pursued her interest in Community Operational Research in the University of Lincoln and is the Chair of the Board . 

Simon Beardsley

Simon is Chief Executive Officer at Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce

Jeanne Bain

Jeanne is well know in Lincoln as the former CEO at Development Plus, a community development charity  previously known as LCDP

Michelle Freeman

Michelle is a counsellor and Holistic  therapist  , Director of the Lincoln Trauma Centre as well as acting as Deputy Manager of the well being centre.

Nigel Curry

Nigel is a retired professor from University of Lincoln and progenitor of the Lincoln Food Partnership.  He is also a Director of Mint Lane CIC which runs the cafe in the centre.


Charles Cooke

Charles is a consultant in the social economy and has acted as centre manager since the centre opened in 2012


Alexandra Crow

Alex has been a member of Upbeat for many years and became the cafe manager early in 2019 .  She also acts as Deputy Manager.

Principal Centre Activities


Renew Peer support group

Renew is an open social drop in for people with enduring problems with their mental health.  It is open seven days a week, for at least two hours a day, and also organises outings and events, all run by its members


Lincoln Trauma Centre

 Lincoln Trauma Centre aims to reduce the stigma of psychological trauma throughout Lincolnshire and  provide a free or affordable support service  to sufferers of trauma and their families . Services include counselling, training, therapeutic  art groups and a befriending service.


Mint Lane Cafe

The cafe provides a warm welcome to the centre, using retail surplus food to create affordable food fight food waste and food poverty